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Bay Street Orthopaedics: 

Keeping Northern Michigan Moving

As published in Petoskey News-Review's Our Community 2017 – 2018

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Northern Michigan, especially the Petoskey area, has a long history of offering a wide variety of top quality health care options. Among those options is a practice that has been helping people stay or return to moving for more than 40 years.

Bay Street Orthopaedics was founded in 1975 by Dr. H. Ross Hume and Dr. Loyal Jodar on Bay Street in downtown Petoskey. Since then the practice has grown to offer an array of services all areas of orthopaedic care at six locations including Petoskey, Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Gaylord, Rogers City, and St. Ignace.

“As the science of orthopaedics has expanded, so have our services, our skill sets, and our staff,” said Dr. Brian Wittenberg, orthopaedic surgeon and senior partner at Bay Street Orthopaedics. “Forty years ago, we excelled at general orthopaedic surgeries and therapies using the best practices of the time, but we were also focused on the most promising advancements in the field to better serve our patients and referring physicians.”

In addition to general orthopaedics and joint replacement surgery, Bay Street Orthopaedics offers minimally invasive scope procedures, ultrasound guided injections, trauma and fracture care, and complex hand and foot treatments. The newest specialties, added in 2017, include orthopaedic spine and comprehensive sports medicine care.

To support these offerings, medical staff has expanded accordingly.

“We have been fortunate to attract top tier specialists,” Dr. Wittenberg saoid, “And our new surgeons are examples.”

Recent medical staff additions include:

University of Michigan and Wayne State University School of Medicine graduate Dr. Eric Mancini, specializes in all areas of sports medicine. The board-eligible orthopaedic surgeon honed his skills working for both college and professional teams, including the USC Trojans and the Los Angeles Dodgers and Rams.

“I like helping people get back to doing what they enjoy,” Dr. Mancini said. Since starting with the practice this past August, Dr. Mancini has been reaching out to coaches and trainers throughout the community to assist athletes in maintaining current levels of sport and activity.

“I welcome those interested to contact our office regarding clinics and educational opportunities as well.”

Dr. Anthony Bozzio, a graduate of the University of Utah and Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, is a board-eligible surgeon specializing in the surgical treatment of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. Dr. Bozzio also treats scoliosis and spine deformity, two treatments previously unavailable in the region. Prior to moving to Petoskey in August, “I spent two clinical years in Traverse City with many rotations in Petoskey and the surrounding area,” Dr. Bozzio. said. “I was impressed with the level of care for patients in the area, and I am pleased to bring my skills in comprehensive orthopaedic spine care to the community.”

For staff support, Bay Street Orthopaedics welcomes two specialty physician assistants, Kelsey McConnell, PA-C, who began in August and Heath Mier, PA-C, who will join the practice this December

“A physician assistant has a very broad range of clinical skills and works in tandem with the physician, in the operating room, the hospital, and the office,” said orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Alfred Wrobleski.

For more information about Bay Street Orthopaedics services, talk to your primary care provider or call 800.968.5155. Details about providers, services, and locations can be found at


Hip Replacement Options: 

Choosing the Best for Each Patient 

As published in McLaren Northern Michigan's Northern Health

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By his own admission, Leo Simon’s health issues were caused by “many years of hard physical labor.” The 62-year-old Petoskey resident spent 23 years as a firefighter and EMT for Bear Creek and Resort Townships, followed by 18 years as a contractor, all demanding professions known for taking a toll on the body.

Back surgery and several years of back injections helped, but chronic hip pain was compromising his ability to function. “I felt like I was trying to put a new foundation on a crooked basement,” he explains. Clearly, his hip problems were affecting his spine and causing increased discomfort, making Simon a good candidate for total hip replacement. Neurosurgeon David Morris, MD, suggested that Simon see Orthopedic Surgeon Austin McPhilamy, MD.

After evaluation with Dr. McPhilamy, Simon’s first hip replacement surgery was performed in September of 2016, and his second procedure in December, 2016. Both surgeries used the anterior approach, a method that is not new, but requires specialized surgical skills.

Simon’s incisions were just 4” long, and his recovery was rapid. “I got up two hours after surgery, and I felt great. I noticed the difference right away, and I used a cane for just three days after surgery.”

“I felt even better after the second surgery; the procedure is pretty painless.” Simon spent just one night in the hospital after each of his hip surgeries. “Dr. McPhilamy told me what to expect and there weren’t any surprises,” he adds. “The surgeries went just like he said.”

Now, Leo Simon is feeling good and is looking forward to tapping maple trees in the spring on his wooded property, enjoying his grandchildren, and planning for his next procedure. “I plan to go back to Dr. McPhilamy for a knee replacement next,” he says.

Understanding Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery is one of the most commonly performed procedures in the country. (Knee replacement surgery is the other.) In fact, a 2014 Mayo Clinic report states that 2.5 million Americans have undergone total hip arthroplasty (THA) and are living with implants.

The need for partial or total hip replacement increases with age because of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis; however, other conditions such as heredity, injuries, and decreased blood flow due to osteonecrosis can also cause joint problems. Surgery becomes an option when an individual experiences chronic pain that limits or completely restricts everyday activities such as standing, walking, or using stairs, and when medications and walking aids fail to provide relief.

While the posterior approach for hip replacement has been the norm for years, the anterior, or frontal approach, has become a viable option — both are performed at McLaren Northern Michigan. Though there are significant differences in the approach, both the anterior and posterior procedures have positive outcomes, and surgeons conduct a thorough evaluation and consultation with each patient to determine the best option for the individual patient.

Drs. McPhilamy, Bozzio, and Mancini perform surgeries at McLaren Northern Michigan in Petoskey and Cheboygan. For more information about specialty orthopedic services, talk to your primary care provider about a referral, call (800) 248-6777, or visit


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Direct Anterior Approach to Hip Replacement: 

Less Pain, Faster Recovery for Eligible Patients 

As published in Traverse Magazine's Medical Insider 2018 (page MI 23)

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bayst medicalinsider2018bozzioSMSpinal Disc Degeneration: 

Disc Replacement Improves

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